EVE 105: Functional Anatomy of the Vertebrates
Graduate TA | 1 quarter: 2019
UC Davis
Functional Anatomy of the Vertebrates is an intensive upper-division course at UC Davis that surverys vertebrate anatomy in depth with 6 hours of lab each week. As lead TA, I was responsible for every component of labs, including daily quizzes, exams, preparing and leading dissections, and lab lectures. This course emphasized depth, learning circulatory, digestive, respiratory, and cranial nervous systems with 3 weeks of dissection in sharks before broadening our scope to see how the anatomy has changed across the vertebrate tree of life. The course focuses on understanding evolutionary change through homologous structures and connecting form and function.

EVE 198: Biodiversity of Fishes: Methods & Experimental Design in Macroevolution
Course instructor | 3 quarters: 2017-2018
UC Davis
Through an NSF-funded grant by Peter Wainwright & Samantha Price, I co-taught three quarters of a course series in a yearlong course series. We brought 17 undergraduates through the entirety of the research process, from hypothesis development, methodology, and presentation of their projects at the UC Davis Undergraduate Research Symposium. I developed curriculum, organized projects, and wrote & led lectures.

BioSci 2B: Introduction to Biological Sciences: Principles of Ecology and Evolution
Graduate TA | 2 quarters: 2017-2018
UC Davis
As a teaching assistant for an introductory-level course in the biological sciences curriculum, I instructed and graded lab sections and proctored exams. Lab topics range from population and quantitative genetics with fruit flies to assessing diversity in different plant communities and predation experiments with Gambusia and mosquito larvae. Overall TA evaluation (n = 98): 4.9/5.0.

BioEE 2740: Vertebrates: Structure, Function, & Evolution
Undergraduate TA | 1 semester: 2016
Cornell University
As an undergraduate at Cornell, I co-organized labs for an upper-division course covering the evolution and anatomy of vertebrates. My responsibilities included dissection and specimen preparation and management for laboratories, presenting specimens during lab sections, organizing review sessions, and proctoring lab practicals.

BioEE 1540: Introduction to Oceanography
Undergraduate TA | 1 semester: 2015
Cornell University
Cornell’s largest class, Oceanography, covers a range of topics from physical oceanography and marine biodiversity to climate change and its effects. As a TA, I served as the primary contact for a subset of students, set up exams, and helped grade the final writing assignment.